1 - Your shopping cart

Dear friends, the shopping cart icon that you will find on this site allows you to buy online comic albums from our backlist, the Bookshop and Variant editions and all our other Sergio Bonelli Editore products. To complete your purchase, you'll need to put the desired title in your shopping cart. If the product is available, it will be placed in your cart when you click on the button "Buy" or "Add to Cart". A product marked with a red dot or as "Out of stock" cannot be purchased. If the bookshop volume is listed as "Not available" it may be out of stock or under restocking.

Mail expenses will be added to the price of each item, before the completion of your payment.

Pursuant to the law in force, VAT is paid for by the publisher for print products (back issues, books, variant editions). For individuals resident in non-EU countries, prices do not include any taxes and customs. They will need to pay these taxes in the manner provided for by law in the country of destination.

WARNING! We can sell albums only to individual persons.

2 - Put an item in your shopping cart

When you add an item, we update your cart. You will see it in a yellow box on top right of our website navigation toolbar, once you add a product. The total payment is automatically calculated (mail expenses will be added in the payment step, based on the number of items in your order and your mailing address, if you are ordering from a country other than Italy). You can add titles and stop your purchase to go on navigating our website and complete your order later. You can change the number of items that you'd like to buy, delete items from your list or empty your cart by clicking on the cart icon and managing its content from there. You cannot make purchases over a 10 kilos weight in the same order. If the number of items in your cart is over this limit, you will see a warning sign. To add other items, you will need to make a new order, with the same weight limit.

3 - Check out

Once you have chosen your product, you can select a payment method: a) by credit card (Key Client) or PayPal b) paying on our postal checking account (c/c postale) c) a bank transfer.

At the time of your first order, we will ask you to register on our website, with your personal data, taxpayer's code number and address, choosing a User ID and a password. Once you have filled in the form and successfully completed your registration, we will not ask you again for this information. You will just need your User ID and password to complete a new order in an easier way.

The only information we will ask you every time you place an order, for safety reasons, are your payment data. At each payment, you will be able to choose a different payment method, and our website will never store any information regarding your payment method.

WARNING! We don't accept cheques. Orders paid with this method will be rejected.

a. Paying by credit card (Key Client) or PayPal

If you choose to pay by credit card, your purchase will be immediately completed. Your purchase will be sent very fast afterward. The purchasers will need to fill in a form with their personal information (taxpayer's code included), that are necessary for the delivery and invoicing. You will need to enter your credit card number, expiring date and name of the owner. At the confirmation of your order, you'll receive a transaction code (N° ordine), that you'll need to save as an invoice. You can use this payment method clicking on the Key Client icon, using the following credit cards:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club.

You can also pay by PayPal, using your credit card for your order or with your PayPal account

b. Paying on our postal checking account (c/c postale)

If you choose this option, you'll need to fill in an order form with your personal information (taxpayer's code included), and your email address, where you'll receive the ID code of your order. You will need to write this code in the postal checking account form (in the area "spazio riservato alle comunicazioni"). Then you can go to a post office (in Italy) and pay the total amount to the checking account nº 39855200, in the name of Sergio Bonelli Editore S.P.A. via Buonarroti 38 - 20145 - MILANO. Please note that using this payment method, your order will only be executed after we will receive confirmation of the payment. So, it will depend on the time needed by the Post Service to make this kind of communication.

c. Paying by bank transfer

If you choose to pay by bank transfer the operations will be similar to the postal payment. You will need to make a bank transfer for the total sum of your purchase before 7 days since you placed your order – so we can guarantee that the product you choose will still be available – and make the transfer to Sergio Bonelli Editore S.P.A. At one of the following banks:

IBAN: IT93C0521601630000000003981
ABI: 05216 CAB: 01630 CIN: C

IBAN: IT34E0200801767000500061442
PAESE: IT CIN EUR: 34 CIN: E ABI: 02008 CAB: 01767

If you're placing your order from a country other than Italy, you need to use the following codes (IBAN and B.I.C. SWIFT):

Credito Valtellinese
IBAN: IT93C0521601630000000003981
B.I.C. Swift: BPCVIT2S

Unicredit Banca di Roma
IBAN: IT34E0200801767000500061442

WARNING! If the amount of your payment is incorrect, you will be contacted directly by our back issue office.

WARNING! For payments by BANK TRANSFER or POSTAL CHECKING ACCOUNT, we will be able to give you information about the delivery only after 7 days from the date of your payment.

When the order is finalized, and the carrier has collected your parcel, you'll receive an e-mail from SDA with the tracking information for your order and delivery.

4 - Security in transaction

Your credit card payment is managed by the payment system of CIM Italia S.p.A. Authenticity of the digital offers is guaranteed by the use of Message Authentication Codes (MAC), created with a secret key. The Internet Banking systems rely on sophisticated procedures that warrant the final consumer a high security level. Your navigation is protected by the https protocol that uses the SSL - Secure Sockets Layers - algorithm, allowing an adequate standard of cryptography, server authentication, and guarantee of the integrity of messages sent.

5 - Delivery rates

If your delivery address is in Italy and you order one album, your delivery rate will be Euro 2.60; if you order two albums or more, the delivery rate will be Euro 8.00. Both types of delivery include the parcel tracking service, using a code released by SDA. The carrier will send your tracking code directly to your email address.

INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY: The delivery rate will be visible after you fill in the order form in your Shopping Cart and it will be calculated automatically according to the country of delivery.

Pursuant to the law in force, VAT is paid for by the publisher for print products (back issues, books, variant editions). For individuals resident in non-EU countries, prices do not include any taxes and customs. They will need to pay these taxes in the manner provided for by law in the country of destination.

WARNING! We can sell albums only to individual persons.

6 - Dispatch confirmation and communication

Every confirmed order is stored under its unique code (ex: VNP-147628118051886), that will be sent to the purchaser by email, and shown on our website page. You'll always need to include the order code in your correspondence with the provider of digital commerce and the communication area of your bank transfer and postal checking account transfer forms. Once our carrier, SDA, has shipped your order, they will send you a dispatch notice and provide the tracking information for your package.

7 - Contacting our back issue service

If you want to contact our Back Issue Service (Servizio Arretrati), you can call (+39) 02 96480403, or send an email to the following address: arretrati@sergiobonelli.it. Please, contact our Service only for questions about the purchase of albums or information about your previous orders (in that case, you'll need to use your order code as the object of your email).

We will not process orders for albums sent by e-mail.

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