This Policy is provided by Sergio Bonelli Editore SpA in pursuance of Section 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 about the protection of Personal Data and describes the processing of Data that have been provided or collected on the websites where this Privacy Policy is published. This policy also explains the processing of Personal Data and Information submitted or collected through applications made available by Bonelli Editore on third party platforms or websites if it has been provided by the user when using the application. We apply the Privacy Policy guidelines according to the national law.

  1. Type of Personal Information that we collect
  2. How Bonelli Editore collects your Personal Information and why
  3. Sharing Personal Information with other companies
  4. Accessing your information and options
  5. Security, integrity, and conservation of your Personal Information
  6. Changes to this privacy policy
  7. User's rights
  8. Data Controller

1. Type of Personal Information that we collect

Bonelli Editore collects two kinds of information: Personal Information and anonymous data; also, we may use either Personal and Anonymous Data to create a third kind of information: aggregate data. We collect the following types of Personal Information:

Registration data provided when creating an account, such as your name, date of birth, sex, location, contact details, email address, username, password and taxpayer's code number;

Transaction information that you provide when asking for information or purchasing one of our products/services on our websites or applications, such as delivery address, phone number, and payment information;

Personal Data provided when using our sites and applications, or our applications on third-party platforms and websites, such as social networking websites; or when users link their profile on a third party platform or website with their registration account;

Location Information when you visit our websites or use our application, comprising information about your location provided by a mobile device that interacts with one of our websites or applications (also using beacon technologies) or associated with your IP address, if the processing of this information is allowed by law.

2. How Bonelli Editore collects your Personal Information and why

We collect Personal Information when you ask us for products, services or information, or when you register on our website, participate in public forums or other activities on our websites and application, answer question forms or interact with us in other forms. Please, take note that when a user provide us with Personal Information on third-party platforms or websites (e.g. through our applications), these data may be collected separately by the third-party website or platform. We collect Personal Information in pursuance of this Privacy Policy; furthermore, Personal Information collected by third-party websites or platforms are subjected to the Privacy Policy of those third-party websites or platforms. Your choices regarding privacy on third-party websites or platforms do not apply to our use of Personal Information that we collect directly through our applications.

We collect information to allow operations strictly connected and instrumental to the managing of user and client relations, such as, for instance, the performance of a contract for the sale of goods and/or services and the verification of the above-mentioned relations; the correct execution of the contractual obligation we assumed towards users/clients and vice-versa, and the accounting and tax obligation thus originated; the fulfilment of obligation requested by UE laws, rules and regulations, or provisions given by legitimated authorities and supervisory and control bodies. Finally, we will share Personal Information, when requested, with the competent tax offices or other public Administration Offices, in agreement with laws in force.

To collect Personal Information, we use industry-wide technologies such as cookies, Flash cookies, and web beacons when a user visits our websites and applications or uses our application on third-party sites and platforms.

3. Sharing Personal Information with other companies

We do not share your Personal Information outside Sergio Bonelli Editore SpA, except a limited number of cases that include:

when you give your consent to the sharing of your Personal Information with another company, using the following methods:

  • Authorization to the sharing of your Personal Information with strictly selected companies, to allow these companies to send you special offers and promotions about their products and services;
  • a request of sharing your Personal Information with third-party websites or platforms, such as social-networking sites;
  • a request of sharing your data with research companies for statistical analysis or market research.

Take note that once we share the user's Personal Information with another company, these data are subjected to the Privacy Policy of said company.

When we collaborate with financial institutions with the aim of offering products and services with the trademark of both our and their companies; although, we act this way only when permitted by laws in force. Furthermore, in those cases, the financial institutions are prohibited to use your Personal Information for purposes outside of the offering of products and services with both trademarks.

When other companies provide services such as home delivery and client support on our behalf; anyways, these companies are forbidden to use your Personal Information for purposes outside of what we requested of them or provided for by law.

When we share Personal Information with third parties in relation to the sale of an activity, for the purpose of applying our user conditions or rules, ensuring safety and protection of visitors in our, or third-party websites, safeguarding our rights and properties and rights and properties of our visitors or third parties, to fulfill duties of legal proceedings or in other case when we, in good faith, believe that law demands the sharing of Information.

4. Controls and options

You can assert several controls and options about our collection, use, and sharing of your Personal Information. In pursuance of national laws, controls, and options may include:

Rectification and updating of data, except when you change your email address (that requires the activation of a new account and the cancellation of the old registration account);

changing your options for subscriptions, newsletters, and notifications;

choosing if you want to receive offers and promotions about our products and services or products and services that we believe may be interesting for you;

you have the option to allow us to share your Personal Information with other companies, to enable them to send you offers and promotions about their;

you can choose if you want to receive tailored advertising from different ad networks, Data exchange and marketing analysis services or other service providers.

You can ask for access to your Personal Information in our possession, request their updating or deletion. You have the right to exercise these controls and options, and require access to your Personal Information contacting our Customer Care service:

Please note that if you don't agree to our collecting of your Personal Information, we may not be able to provide some products and services. Furthermore, some of our services may not be able to take into account the user's interests and preferences.

If you have questions about specific Personal Information that we manage and collect, please contact our Customer Care service:

5. Information security, integrity, and conservation

Security, integrity, and privacy of your Personal Information are imperative for us. We put in place technical, procedural and physical safeguards to protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, use, divulgation, and alteration. We regularly update our security procedure to incorporate new technologies and methods. Take note, though, that our best effort notwithstanding, there aren't perfect or impregnable safety measures. We will keep your Personal Information only for the time needed for the purposes stated in our Privacy Policy, except when a longer storage time is necessary or allowed by law.

6. Changes to this Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy may change from time to time, to implement new technologies, industry practices and law requirements, or other purposes. We will inform our users with an appropriate notification when these changes are significant and will ask for your consent when provided for by laws in force.

7. Your rights

According to Section 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, you are entitled to obtain confirmation and communication of your Personal Information in our possession, receive any information about these data processing and updating, supplementing and rectification, and object to the treatment of the data.

8. Data controller

The Data controller is Sergio Bonelli Editore SpA – Milano, via M. Buonarroti n. 38. The responsible for data processing is Luciana Paravano.

You can assert your rights, according to Section 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, and have access to your Personal Information to be informed of their content and use or, on legitimate grounds, request that they are rectified, updated, supplemented, canceled, or you can object to their processing, writing to:


  • Aggregate data. Aggregate data are information about user groups or categories, which do not identify single users and cannot reasonably be used to identify them.
  • Anonymous data. Anonymous data is information that does not identify, directly or indirectly,  single users and cannot reasonably be used to identify them.
  • Application. An application is a program or service that is managed by us (or on our behalf) and can be visualized on several online, mobile or other environments and platforms, included those maintained by third parties, and allow us to interact with our users directly.
  • Data controller. The controller of Personal Data and Information, or a body affiliated to Sergio Bonelli Editore SpA that is responsible for the Personal Information collected by sites and applications.
  • Responsible for data processing. The responsible for data processing is a person or body that provides Personal Information processing on behalf of one or more data controllers. The responsible is authorized to execute the treatment of data only under the guidelines provided by the controller.
  • IP address. The IP (Internet Protocol) address is associated with the access point where you connect to the Internet and is usually controlled by the Internet Service Provider (ISP), the company or university of the user. We are allowed to use IP addresses to collect information about the frequency of user visits to the different sections of our sites and application, and we can combine IP Addresses and Personal Information.
  • Notification. A notification can be sent to the user's last email address, or by a change notice on our sites and application or by other means in agreement with the laws in force.
  • Personal Information. Personal Information (or Personal Data) is the information that (directly or indirectly) identify a particular individual, such as name, physical address, email address and phone number. When it is directly or indirectly associated with Personal Information, also Anonymous Information is processed as Personal Information.

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